Posted 26 November 2015 1:53pm

Christmas raffle books

Don’t forget to return all your sold and unsold P&F Christmas raffle tickets and money collected to the senior or junior receptions by Monday 30 November as the draw will be taking place in the Quad at the senior school on Wednesday 2nd of December at 1.15pm.

P&F Funding

Each year the Parents and Friends Association invites eligible individuals from the school community to make application for P&F funding.

Those eligible are members of school staff, and P&F Association members (all parents/guardians of an enrolled student are members of the P&F). In addition any student may approach an eligible individual with suggested projects and request an application on their behalf. Broadly, P&F funds can be applied to any project, item or activity which is deemed to be supplementary to core student items/activities provided by the school, and which is of a demonstrable benefit to a significant number of students at the school. In addition, projects must be consistent with the broad teaching and learning objectives of the school. Please refer to the link here for the Funding Application form and the Fund Allocation Principles document.

I encourage you to consider making an application for P&F funding to further enhance the wonderful learning opportunities for students at CGGS.

Mareeta Grundy Reid
P&F President