Nominate for annual P&F Awards

Posted 2 November 2017 10:12pm

Nominations for the Canberra Girls Grammar School Parents and Friends (P&F) Association Staff Awards are now open with nominations being accepted until Thursday 23 November. These awards offer an opportunity to acknowledge outstanding staff and community members at Canberra Girls Grammar School that devote their lives to educating and supporting our children.

The first award is for teaching excellence, in memory of the late Karen Harris, and is awarded to a teacher in both the Junior and Senior Schools. The second award is for outstanding contribution to the School community. From 2016 the community service award was opened up to both staff and non-staff whom have an extraordinary connection to the school.

Nominations for both of these awards can be made by students, parents or staff members of Canberra Girls Grammar School. A short statement in support of the award must be provided as well as support from two nominators.  Nominators must be from outside of your immediate family.

Please click here to submit your nomination online before Thursday, 23 November. Further information is available here.

Should you have any questions, please email

Shannon Gill
P&F President

Photo: Two of the 2016 winners - Laura Bullock (left) and Jenny Hunter (right)