Lily Hall – the path to leadership

Posted 8 November 2019 9:00am

Having started at CGGS in the Early Learning Centre as a four-year-old, Lily Hall (Year 11) has developed a great sense of pride in being a ‘Grammar Girl’ and she is looking forward to making her mark as the 2020 School Captain.

“What I’m focusing on is creating spirit among students, for the love of the school,” said Lily.

“Participation and enthusiasm is already there, but it’s only really there on the [main] sporting and House days…I want it to be more of a constant feel. We need to show pride through uniform, how we present ourselves…and creating a friendly environment between year levels.”

Lily knows all eyes will be on her as she takes on the role next year. Her positive mindset and determination will be her driving force.

“It’s important to know that it’s not just the title [of School Captain], it’s the meaning that comes behind it. You’re looked up to by all the students. You have to believe in yourself, that you’re the character that is capable of representing the school and capable of reflecting what a leader should be, preparing other students for what’s yet to come…they need to have someone to look up to.”

Taking a leadership role within a school like CGGS also offers longer term benefits and Lily has thought long and hard about what it could mean for her.

“For the past few years I’ve had a change, I suppose, of where I see myself into the future. Shaping my career path from now, and taking on those leadership roles, learning how to work with a big group of people, and alongside adults and other dedicated women especially, this leadership role would be pivotal – especially at this school, it’s a great honour.”

The blend of Year 12 studies and holding a leadership role is always hard work, but Lily is up for the challenge. She credits her parents with setting an example of working hard for what you want. Her father started his own business at the age of 21 and already, Lily and her sister Zoe Hall (2015) have been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug - starting their own business, Majura Valley Honey, in 2017.

“How you want to be seen in the world, it all starts from your character. [My parents] have shaped me into wanting to be successful and wanting to be entrepreneurial. Wanting to have goals and working towards them.”