Light it up!

Posted 31 October 2018 2:12pm

Our Year 11 and 12 Photography students along with Year 10 Art students had the pleasure of working with award winning light painter, Peter Solness, during two evening workshops held at the school.

Peter is an expert in the field of ‘light painting’ which is a photography concept that uses different sources of light in complete darkness to light up objects differently when exposing the camera to a scene.

During the workshop, Mr Solness demonstrated ways of using hand held torches and different colour LEDs in the studio before going outside and using hand held torches and torches on strings to capture movement within the landscape. Students worked in groups to create stunning photographs captured at night expressing colour, form and movement.

Alex Walker (Year 12 Waverley) said, the workshop was one of the most amazing experiences ever.

Being a Year 12 Photography student working with digital cameras, knowing the constraints of the camera is very important in the understanding of what you can and can't achieve with digital photography. The light painting workshop showed us a new view of photographing, showing that you can control what the camera captures completely, and stretch those constraints beyond the camera itself. Peter gave us the chance to work with lights of all colours and shapes to change the atmosphere, mood, tone and depth of the photograph, how the use of lights can make a huge impact on the photograph but also how much fun it is to experiment with lights. I am a very passionate photography student, especially when working with lights and how lights can be manipulated to create bizarre and spectacular effects.

This workshop allowed me to learn so much more about photography, how the use of light can create a variety of effects that greatly influence the image, where photography can take you in life as in career options and just how much fun photography can really be. The workshop was definitely worth going to, was so much fun and has increased my passion and love for photography.

Elizabeth Chase
Head of Creative Arts Faculty

Photo above: Rebecca Gibson captured in a light painting.

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