Let’s dance!

Posted 2 November 2017 9:56pm

The last couple of months have been exciting for our Dance students.

At the end of September, over 70 girls took to the Canberra Theatre stage over two massive days and nights, for another hugely successful Dance Festival.

Affectionately known as Dance Fest, the festival runs annually and aims to promote a professional, supportive and creative event that celebrates Dance in a non-competitive way. The theme of the festival this year was ‘Right Here Right Now’. CGGS entered two items; the junior item, made up of students from years 7-10 performed on Wednesday, September 20 and the senior item, made up of students from years 10-12 performed on Thursday 21 September.

CGGS’ junior piece The Wonderful World of Where’s Wally, brought the iconic book to life on stage. The audience were taken on a journey across the world to find Wally and his friends. The senior item, If The Shoe Fits questioned whether one decision could change destiny. The well-loved story of Cinderella was deconstructed and Cinderella was faced with the tough decision of leaving her shoe behind or taking it. In the end, destiny was left to decide.

Congratulations to all the girls who took part. With clean, polished and highly entertaining pieces on both nights, everyone should be extremely proud of what was produced.

In October, the Senior Dance class travelled to Sydney to support their studies in the current semester course Dance in Entertainment.

They were lucky enough to attend a performance of Beautiful – The Carole King Musical at the Lyric Theatre. Carole’s life and music were presented on stage in an outstanding production, which the girls thoroughly enjoyed.

The following day they participated in two private workshops at Sydney Dance Company where they were taught by two industry professionals. The workshops included a technically challenging Theatre Jazz class, which tested the girls’ precision and style. Following a lunch break down on the wharf, the focus then switched to a fast paced and highly stylised Jazz Funk Hip-Hop class.

We left that afternoon sweaty and sore, but inspired and energised for the remaining term. The trip was a great success, with the girls gaining a huge amount from the experience.

Jessica Mercer
Dance Teacher

Photo above: Wally in France during the DanceFest Junior performance of 'Where's Wally?'

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