Launching The Green Room

Posted 10 August 2017 5:29pm

Four storytellers – each with diverse backgrounds and careers – came together for the launch event of The Green Room on
Wednesday, 2 August 2017.

Grammarian Claire Harvey (1994), was joined by Professor Joan Leach, Professor Kirin Narayan and Dr Raihan Ismail. Under the theme of ‘the importance of storytelling in all our lives’, each woman opened up about what empathy and imagination mean to them, particularly in relation to storytelling. The common thread between all four speakers was the sense that through empathy and imagination, we can all better understand and accept each other.

The symposium was launched by Principal Anne Coutts and facilitated by our Debating and Public Speaking Captain, Asha Clementi (Year 12 Waverley).

We were grateful to receive such a positive response to the inaugural event, particularly from members of our extended community. One attendee wrote, “The selection of guest speakers was exceptional, covering views from a great cross section of the community, cultural and industry perspectives, with our key highlights being Kirin Narayan’s story about the 'blossoming daughter', and her ability to maintain her inner beauty and ability to forgive through adverse and strenuous situations.”

Thank you to Head of English Faculty, Geoff Piggott, for bringing together four incredible women for The Green Room’s inaugural event: The Empathy and Imagination Symposium.

Next on The Green Room calendar is the X2 STEM Parent Seminar on Wednesday, 16 August. More information is available here.

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