Last chance to have your say about buses

Posted 10 August 2018 12:33pm

Further to an email sent to parents recently, we strongly encourage all CGGS families to read the draft Transport Canberra School Bus Policy and provide feedback directly to Transport Canberra via or by email to The consultation process will close on Sunday, 12 August.

Thank you to all members of our community who have already made a submission – we have received feedback from Transport Canberra telling us that CGGS parents are amongst the most engaged.

Transport Canberra has announced a complete overhaul of Canberra’s entire public transport network with changes set to take effect from early 2019.

As a result, direct school bus services to our Junior and Senior campuses are going to be affected. In many instances, students will need to connect with local and/or rapid routes via ‘bus stations’ (formerly referred to as ‘interchanges’).

The School has reviewed the proposed route changes and draft School Bus Policy and recognises almost 50% of our student population resides in suburbs which will be directly affected by the changes. Consequently, CGGS will lodge a formal submission to Transport Canberra, focussing on the following issues:

  • The safety and security of students, particularly those having to connect through interchanges and/or catch local services which also carry adults
  • The possibility of students having to utilise local stops rather than being dropped within close proximity of our campuses
  • Reduced coverage in specific suburban areas (both school and local services)

To assist you, here are the links to current school bus services along with the proposed routes – it is helpful to compare the existing and proposed services in your area:

Current School Services

Canberra Girls Grammar School – Junior
Canberra Girls Grammar School – Senior
Browse by Route Number

Proposed School Services (from early 2019)

Canberra Girls Grammar School – Junior
Canberra Girls Grammar School – Senior

CGGS will continue to work with organisations like the Association of Independent Schools of the ACT (AIS) and the Association of Parents and Friends of ACT Schools (APFACTS) to support the needs of our families during this significant change.

Sally Wagnon
Communications and Engagement Manager