Junior School votes in mock election

Posted 23 October 2020 11:43am

All students in Years 3-6 had their say last Friday, 16 October, when they were asked to vote in a mock ACT election.  During the week leading up to ACT election day, students were given the opportunity to investigate the parties and candidates standing for election in the electorate of Murrumbidgee, where CGGS is located. 

There was a real buzz around the school as students discovered the policy commitments made by each candidate and as they planned who was going to receive their vote.  

Class 3L set up their pod and classroom as a polling station, allowing Year 6, who were ‘absent’ on election day, to pre-poll and send postal votes on Thursday, while the rest of the classes voted on our election day.

The students in 3L were extremely excited to staff our polling station with jobs such as welcoming and sanitising, ticking names off from the roll, handing out ballot papers, directing voters and providing security for the ballot boxes.

Now the vote counting begins! Without access to electronic voting, or ballot scanning machines, we hope to have a result for our first assembly of the term in Week 3. 

Ivan Lloyd
Year 3 Teacher

Photo at top: Class 3L in the swing of their 'election day'.

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