ILP showcase uncovers students' passions

Posted 26 June 2017 10:56am

Students in Years 9 and 10 have the option of undertaking the Independent Learning Program (ILP) –which develops and extends independent investigation and higher order thinking skills.

Late in Term 2, these students participated in a showcase of their hard work from Semester 1. The ILP allows students to explore a topic of their own interest in-depth, working with a mentor to develop a product that shows their ability to research and create, work independently, organise themselves and meet deadlines.

Projects included novels, photographic explorations, a Cosplay costume design, textile products, an investigation into the link between music and emotion, cookbooks, stop-motion animation, manga drawing, architectural designs, musical arrangements for the Chinese instrument “Guzheng”, several videos, research documents, a fantasy toy and many more.

The students enjoyed presenting their work to their peers, teachers, mentors and family members.

Judy Thompson and Necia Agnew
Information Services Faculty

Photo above: Felicity Allanson, Lizzie Tooth and Alex Gorddard share their projects

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