Holst Concert Band takes gold

Posted 7 September 2018 10:27am

Congratulations to the Holst Concert Band which earned the gold award in the NSW School Band Festival last weekend.

Conductors Viv Martin and Sophie Raudonikis are delighted with the band’s development this term. The students are starting to understand the benefits of long-term commitment to a concert band and experience the social cohesion that making music together has to offer. 

The adjudicator of the Graham Lloyd event for secondary school bands commented on the band’s preparation and the shaping of musical phrases within the context of the architecture for the whole composition. 

It is rewarding for all involved to hear the band move beyond learning correct notes and rhythms and focus more on artistic levels of creating music. 

The band enjoyed listening to other bands in the event above theirs on Sunday and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in the Opera House Concert Hall on Saturday night. 

Special thanks to Natalie Guile (Head of Bands) for organising the event and Judy Thompson in her role as tour chaperone. 

I look forward to the students’ continued commitment to rehearsals and reaping the rewards that making music together continues to offer. 

Viv Martin 
Head of Kilburn House 
Conductor - Holst Concert Band

Photo above: The Holst Concert Band with conductors Sophie Raudonikis and Viv Martin.

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