Grammarians return to the classroom

Posted 4 June 2020 4:13pm

Our teaching staff regularly have the opportunity to act as mentors pre-service teachers. It is an excellent form of reciprocated reflection, for both parties.

In the Senior School, we are fortunate enough to currently have two Grammarians come back as pre-service teachers.

Christina Hopgood (2005) is being mentored by Dean of Music, Mr Joel Copeland and other teachers in the Music Faculty.

“Since I graduated in 2005, I've completed a music and psychology degree and have done a lot of music projects around the world,” Christina said.

“I actually started teaching percussion students at CGGS in about 2011, so being back at school isn't new to me. I lived in Norway from 2016 to 2019 and was able to start teaching at CGGS as soon as I got back.

“I already know everyone in the Music Department and love being part of this fantastic team for a few weeks. Ms Hur was my teacher when I was in Year 7 and it's great fun to work with her now. I still love playing music, and teaching is a great way to share my passion with young people.”

Michelle Firth (2013) is being mentored by Mr Tim Briggs and Ms Winifred Hanson (also a Grammarian) who teach Psychology and Business respectively.

“Even in primary school, and only strengthened in high school, I knew I wanted to do something people-focused and helping others,” Christina said.

“I originally was planning to go down the path of clinical psychology and absolutely loved psychology in school, but after spending a lot of time coaching high school students, I realised that I would prefer to share my knowledge and passion through teaching.

“Through my teaching, I hope to be able to engage students in learning and preparing their skills and understanding for life after school, no matter where they decide to go.”

Thank you to all the teachers at CGGS who mentor pre-service teachers, sharing and guiding them with their insight and knowledge of the profession.

Photo at top: Christina Hopgood (left) and Michelle Firth (right).