Posted 17 March 2016 4:20pm

On Tuesday, 15 March renowned contemporary artist and former grammar student Nike Savvas (1981) visited as a guest speaker to students in the years 9-12 taking Art, Graphics or Photography as an elective. As a former art student of CGGS, Nike reflected on how she enjoyed the course while in school, and how it sparked the beginning of a long fascination and love for art which followed her into her professional life. She told us of many artworks she has designed which have been displayed in galleries around the world, explaining her striking and innovative style of installation, sculpture, and kinetic and light based artwork. Furthermore, she discussed with us her belief in the fundamental importance of art in society and culture, a very interesting topic.

It was a wonderful experience having Nike visit our school. She gave us insight into what it’s like to be a professional artist in today’s world, stressing the importance of creative individuality in your artwork in order to stand out in the professional field. She also explained about commissioned work and answered our questions in regards to art schools and what it’s like living as an artist. She opened our eyes to a whole other side of art that many of us had never considered with her stunning installation art and boundary breaking ideas. Overall it was really worthwhile hearing someone who is a professional in the field we budding artists are just beginning to discover and are thankful to her for sharing her advice and expertise.

Zoe Blackmore and Clare Mason-Cox
Year 10 Art students

Photo: Nike Savvas with Year 10 Visual Art students