Posted 11 March 2016 12:13pm

Over the past week and a half Director of Admissions, Barbara Connolly and Director of Studies, Tara Dunstall have visited China, Hong Kong and are currently in Japan attending the education expos run by Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS).

On Monday this week a Reception was held in Hong Kong and a Dinner in Tokyo on Thursday for members of the CGGS community who currently live in these countries. Past students, current parents and our very own Angela Whittaker, Head of the Junior School, were in attendance at the Hong Kong event. With current, past and future parents as well as past students and past staff in attendance at the dinner in Japan.

Barbara and Tara took this opportunity to provide an update on what is happening at the School this year with guests sharing their own personal stories from their time at and connection with CGGS.

As I drive my kids to their current school in Hong Kong, I find myself telling them stories of my school days at CGGS. 

The CGGS Hong Kong Reception is a special evening where I reconnect with former students, meet parents of current boarders, and learn more about the school from the attending staff members (much has changed since I left the school in 1996!) 

It was an amazing co-incidence to me to meet the new Head of the Junior School, Mrs Angela Whitaker, at the Reception. She has been working in a school in Hong Kong for many years and is moving to Canberra soon for the role.  Her wealth of experience within Australia and in Asia will ensure she is a great addition to the school. 

I'm thankful I had the opportunity to attend CGGS.  The beautiful school campus and opportunities offered by the school are truly unique. I'm pleased to see the school extending its global outreach in Asia and believe it will become  known internationally as a desirable educational experience.  - Sophie Howse-Mitchell (1996)


Laura Hannan
Alumni and Events Manager

Photo above: Philip Chan, Sophie Howse-Mitchell (1996), Julie Jorritsma (1996), Barbara Connolly, Tara Dunstall, Angela Whittaker and Tai Cheung at the CGGS Hong Kong Reception
Photos below: Hong Kong Reception and Tokyo Dinner

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