Posted 26 November 2015 2:17pm


Travelling from near and afar we caught up on the last 10 years.

On Saturday 31 November we met at the Old Canberra Inn and enjoyed a night of talking, jenga, dancing and listening to live music (the singer being our own Tania Ladyzhynsky). We heard about how our lives continue to grow and change, the achievements we (and those missing) have made. It was wonderful to hear how our families are growing up.

We met at CGGS on Sunday to see the changes in the school (for some of us finding the front door was a challenge) to meet staff from our time there and reflect on our individual experiences at CGGS. Peter (Mr Joyce) gave the tour explaining the purpose of each of the unfamiliar buildings.

Thank you to Laura for her assistance in organising our reunion.

See you in 20 more years (or sooner).

Jodie Pang (Morrison, 1985)

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