From the Principal - Have a happy and holy holiday

Posted 6 December 2019 1:26pm

This has been a year of exploration and discovery, of reviews and relationship building. It has been a year of energetic and faithful delivery of systems, traditions and programs. It has been an extraordinary year at Canberra Girls Grammar School.

However, the students create the life within the school. Their outstanding academic and co-curricular performances, their acts of service, their laughter and their hard work.

The exceptional learning experiences in the Early Learning Centre and early years for the younger boys and girls is targeted and foundational and gives each young person the very best start on his or her individual academic trajectory.

Overwhelming evidence shows that the best educational environment for girls and young women is a single-sex learning environment. Schools such as ours, increase student confidence, provide a safe place for students to develop their identities, and correct the gender gap in academic performance.

I would like to congratulate our students, who once again have shown the research to be true. They again have topped Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 combined NAPLAN results against all other the ACT or regional schools, across all dimensions combined, across all year levels.

As we look to 2020 and beyond, we aspire to raise the bar, renew and reimagine our strengths and plant the CGGS flag at every opportunity. With a change in the landscape in education in general, all organisations are currently undergoing change and renewal. During my first year at the school, our focus has been to conduct high-integrity reviews, achieve transparency in all our processes and the planning of new directions.

For every minute the academic staff spend creating great lessons and programs for your daughters and sons, we – the leadership team and the professional staff – invest time and resources into growing and developing great teachers.

This is what sets CGGS apart. We know who we serve, our young scholars, and we know how to serve them, by investing unapologetically in exceptional teaching and learning.

During this period, we have also worked collaboratively in mapping out our new Strategic Design, which we will officially launch at the start of the new year. This document captures our untainted history, our iconic place in the Canberra community, and our vision for the next six years. As with our history, there is no grand program of heroics, no one lucky break or miracle moment, but an imaginative future, upholding all that we do, with wisdom and integrity.

I have enjoyed immensely my time getting to know the CGGS community and more broadly the Canberra way. The plan for this year was to reach out to all areas of the community, including but not limited to the School Board, the Gabriel Foundation, the Parents and Families Association, the Grammarians Association, parents, students, staff, professional associations and industry organisations. In doing so, I have developed friendships, collaborations, and great relationships which will be, I’m sure the foundation of my years of leadership to come at this outstanding institution.

I look forward to what, together, we’ll do next.

Best wishes to you all for a safe and happy holiday period.

Mrs Anna Owen