From the Head of Junior School

Posted 15 November 2018 4:25pm

“When it comes to solving many of the problems of the world, I believe in girl power."
Kofi Annan, 2004

Canberra Girls Grammar Junior School signature programs have been well researched and developed by our teachers who are experts in girls’ education. Each program runs for an academic year and has a specific focus to ensure that our students learn, grow and flourish. We know that a quality education is more than academics and for our girls to reach their potential we need to attend to the development of the whole child. I am proud of our signature programs and would like to share a very brief explanation of each unique offering.

Our signature programs begin in Year 3 with Girls TALK. This program focusses on three interconnected facets of learning integral to the development of a sense of belonging and well-being: Positive Relationships, Positive Emotions, and Positive Health. Kindness and empathy are embedded in our values as an Anglican school and through our Girls TALK program students will learn the importance of caring for themselves, their friends and their community and will take action to assist others. The Swedish proverb - “Friendship multiplies joy and divides grief” nicely sums up the crucial role of strong and positive friendships that our Girls TALK program will foster and develop; some of which may be lifelong. We strongly believe that Girls TALK will lay the foundations for happiness and success in the primary years of schooling.

In recognition of the power of the Arts to transform learning, expand horizons and positively impact individuals and communities smART Girls has been developed to provide our girls with a range of experiences to foster imagination, build confidence and enhance well-being. During the smART Girls program the students will have the opportunity to develop deep understandings and positive dispositions through their participation in a wide variety of visual and performing arts. smART Girls is our newest offering and will be launched at the start of the 2019 school year with many exciting, engaging, and challenging arts experiences planned for Year 4.

In Year 5 the students move into our acclaimed Girls with Grit program. Girls with Grit, the very first signature program, was developed to foster perseverance and resilience (grit). With an emphasis on outdoor education and physical endeavour, learning how to learn, happiness and well-being, and sustainability and action, Girls with Grit teaches valuable life lessons that the girls begin to apply immediately and may call upon in their future lives. This program has been a huge success - not just with our girls but also with many of their families who have commented about the positive and wide reaching impact it has had.

Our Junior School signature programs culminate with Girls Who Lead in Year 6. Girls Who Lead builds on the previous programs and acknowledges the potential of our senior primary students to make a positive impact on the world. Girls Who Lead is designed to empower our girls with the necessary leadership and entrepreneurial skills to develop their potential and contribute to their home, school and local communities; the first stepping stone to serve, influence and lead in the wider world. The many leadership roles and responsibilities our Year 6 girls assume as well as the PYP Exhibition (the culmination of the IB Primary Years Programme) provide a myriad of authentic opportunities for our girls to practise and demonstrate their developing leadership capabilities and prepares them well for Senior School and beyond.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about any of our signature programs. I am sure the students and staff of the Junior School would be happy to share their experiences of the deep and exciting learning that is taking place.

Angela Whitaker
Head of Junior School