Fete parking fines

Posted 30 November 2018 10:41am

We are aware that a number of our community members received parking fines on the day of the Fete and as a result, we have been in ongoing discussions with the ACT Government about this issue.

This whole-of-school event, once a year, creates a level of demand on infrastructure that cannot be met. In previous years, visitors to our Fete appear to have been fortunate and not received parking fines when they have parked in areas signposted as ‘No parking’, ‘No standing’ and/or ‘No stopping’.

We have been advised mobile parking enforcement was conducted in the area using the Licence Plate Recognition camera van to address the “large number of unlawful and unsafe parking practices detected,” (quote from the ACT Traffic Camera Office – Licence Plate Recognition Team).

The ACT Government have advised us that any infringed drivers who wish to dispute liability for the infringement notices or submit applications for withdrawal of the fines must do so through the established channels.  This may be done via the online form available at www.act.gov.au/infringements

This unfortunate occurrence has been duly noted by the Fete Committee and will be taken into account when planning and communicating the 2019 Fete.

Again, we thank you for your ongoing support of CGGS and hope we can work with the Government next year to ensure we do not witness a repeat targeting of visitors to our Fete.

Sally Wagnon
Communications and Engagement Manager

Photo courtesy of The Canberra Times.