Exceptional results for our Snowsports team

Posted 10 August 2017 5:25pm

In late July, 32  members of the Senior School Snowsports team competed at Perisher in the ACT and Southern NSW Interschool’s Snowsports Championships. The team achieved some exceptional results.

Team Performances included:

Alpine – Division 2 and 3 A Teams both won their events, Division 1 A team narrowly missed out on a third place.

Skier X – Division 2 and 3 A teams both won plus the Division 3 B team came fourth.

Moguls – Division 3 A Team second place 

Individual performances


Division 1 Rachel Cantrill 4th
Division 2 Lara Agnew 1st, Isabella Davis 3rd
Division 3 Jacqueline Davis 2nd, Catherine Hardman 3rd

Skier x

Division 1 Rachel Cantrill 3rd
Division 2 Lara Agnew 1st, Zara Dobson Harper 4th
Division 3 Jacqueline Davis 2nd place Lara Essex 3rd


Division 2 Amber Essex 1st

Snowboard X

Division 2 Amber Essex 1st


Division 3 Lily Veleba 4th

Thank you to everyone involved with this event.

Lorraine Peck
Head of Co-Curricular Sports
Teacher in Charge of Snowsports


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