Embracing Chinese culture through dance and drums

Posted 22 June 2018 11:07am

Last Friday, Year 7 students studying Chinese had the amazing opportunity to participate in a lion dance class with Prosperous Mountain Lion Dance Group.

We split into two groups, one to drum and one to dance with the groups swapping over half way through so we all had the opportunity to do both. We learnt how the lions were made and where the dances originated from. When we played the drums and cymbals we learnt which beat to drum when the lions bowed and the different beat when they walked.

Dancing with the lion’s head on was tricky - when you use the head section, your shoulders get very sore. Then, after swapping with your partner to do the tail-end, your back would hurt from being bent over. We could tell how much skill was used to operate these lions and the sore shoulders and back was worth it for the awesome experience of Lion Dance. It was a great experience and lots of fun and we all hope that one day we’ll do it again!

Lila Howell
Year 7 student

Photo above: Students participating in the Lion Dance activities in the Drama Centre.