Drama students WOW with their winter one-act wonders

Posted 24 August 2017 7:13pm

The recent Winter One-Act Wonders was a showcase for our Year 7 and 8 co-curricular drama students.

Weeks of hard work during rehearsals, along with some truly talented young women, resulted in two nights of fun entertainment for our cast, directors, crew and of course, family and friends who braved the mid-winter cold.

Audiences found themselves at a press conference for Mr Hare and Mr Tortoise, both campaigning to be elected as Australia’s next Prime Minister. They then took part in a self-defence class run by Little Red Riding Hood. After a hot chocolate and marshmallow-loaded interval, the audience were then witness to a conversation between a rather unconventional Miss Muffet and a Spider. Finally, the audience tagged along on a blind date, which included some surprising fellow diners at a nearby table.

The cast and crew would like to express their thanks to all staff who contributed to the success of both performances.

Donna Hettinger
Drama Teacher

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