Dominating the Sydney round of World Scholar’s Cup

Posted 12 April 2019 1:33pm

Students from CGGS swept the competition at the Sydney Regional Round of the World Scholar’s Cup held last weekend. A team of 18 students took part in the regional round of this global competition. Our students won first place in all four events (Debate, Essay Writing, Multiple Choice Exam and Team Quiz) both in the individual and team competitions. The girls also finished first overall in the competition, dominating other schools including selective high school Hurlstone Agricultural, Pymble Ladies’ College, Inaburra School and St George’s Christian School.

The top scholar overall was Reshmi Senanayake (Year 7), who also won the essay writing competition and came third in the debating competition. Amy Knowles (Year 8) finished second overall in the competition and also came second in the essay writing competition, fifth in debating and as part of a team with Charlotte Young (Year 8) and Tia Manuel (Year 9), finished 1st in the team debate category, 1st in the team essay writing competition and 3rd in the team multiple-choice test event. Completing the clean sweep on the podium, Serina Guo (Year 8) finished third overall and as part of a team with Himara Jayasekara-Peiris (Year 8) and Sofia Green (Year 8) also won the overall team gold, 1st in the team quiz, 2nd in the multiple-choice test and 3rd in debate.

Every student in the CGGS team won multiple medals and all qualified for the Global Round event, which will bring together the top scholars from around the world. Other stand-out performances were had by Charlotte Young, who finished first overall in debate, Charlotte Wright (Year 9), who finished first overall in the multiple-choice exam, including gold in Social Studies, History and Science and Himara Jayasekara-Peiris who finished first in Literature and 4th overall in the competition. Further, the team of Tiffany Henson (Year 9), Charlotte Wright & Jana Ang (Year 9) came second overall in the competition and also claimed gold in the multiple-choice, silver in debate and silver in the team quiz.

“World Scholar’s Cup is such an exciting, enjoyable and enriching program,” said Tiffany Henson. “I love being a part of it and it is one of the parts of my week that I look forward to most. The next step for our team: success at the Global Round!”

On the bus ride back the Canberra, the team sang Queen’s victory anthem, We are the Champions, a title that have definitely earned.

“This is only our second year and we are already the champions of Canberra and Sydney!” said Serina Guo.

The 18 students involved in this mighty team now set their sights on success at the global level, as they prepare for the Global Round being held from the 15-20 August, at the International Convention Centre in Sydney.

In addition to the students mentioned above, the following girls participated in the Sydney round of the World Scholar’s Cup: Arya Shahmeen (Year 7), Lily Hodgkinson (Year 7), Aditi Padmakumar (Year 7), Muntaha Siddique (Year 7), Tabitha Thevaranjan (Year 8), Amy Huang (Year 10), Hannah Pinson (Year 10) and Lovisha Grover (Year 10).

James Unsworth
Head of English Faculty

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