Dance and Textiles Excursion to Sydney Dance Company’s “ab [intra]”

Posted 7 June 2018 12:53pm

A couple of weeks ago, a sleepy busload of Year 10 Textiles and Dance students (along with Ms Roberta Coulston, Mrs Elizabeth Chase and Mrs Yvette Riordan) journeyed to the Roslyn Packer Theatre in Sydney.

It was a glorious, sunny Sydney day and we enjoyed the up-close views of the Harbour Bridge, while we strolled and picnicked on the wharf adjacent to the theatre.

Not only did the girls enjoy the opportunity to view a cutting-edge and evocative dance production, they were addressed by the director, designers, and other company staff who spoke about the inner-workings of a dance company; from design concepts to choreography composition (and even budgeting).

It was extremely valuable for both the Textiles and Dance students to understand how the ‘creative process’ is not only used for school projects, but how it is also utilised by professional performers and designers working in their field. We hope, through this, that they have been inspired to take risks and think creatively about their own work.

For some, it was perhaps their first time in a theatre, for others, one of many, but the girls were perfect ambassadors for CGGS – the respect and attention they displayed, both inside and outside the theatre, was commendable. We were blessed to be able to take such a great group of students.

Mrs Yvette Riordan (Drama/Dance Teacher) and Ms Roberta Coulston (Textiles/Design Teacher)