Characters come to life as we celebrate Book Week

Posted 24 August 2017 6:48pm

Since 1945, on the third Friday in August the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) announces the Book of the Year. To celebrate this occasion, all students at CGGS have been involved in annual Book Week celebrations over the past week.

This year, on the 18 August, at the invitation of the ACT Branch of the Children’s Book Council, a group of ten Year 6 students from the Library Committee and Friends of the Library, performed their version of the short listed book, Nannie Loves by Kylie Dunstan, to entertain a gathered  audience of local authors, publishers, teachers, librarians  and supporters of the Children’s Book Council of Australia, as they awaited the simultaneous announcement of Book of the Year (officially held in Hobart this year). Our girls performed admirably and assisted by passing the official envelopes for the ACT Branch of CBCA’s simultaneous announcement of Book of the Year.

Winners were: Picture Book – Home in the Rain; Early Childhood – Go Home Cheeky Animals; Early Readers – Rock Hopping; Eve Pownall Award for Information Books – Amazing Animals of Australia’s National Parks and; Older Readers – One would think the DeepNannie Loves was announced an Honour Book, in the Early Childhood category.

The following Monday, the Junior School Library Committee commenced the Junior School’s Book Week celebrations by entertaining a costumed audience with a CBCA Book Week play, written my Ms Ferdinand, Ms Holweg and the Library committee.  The play was based on the CBCA Book Week theme of “Escape to Everywhere”.  The girls had escaped homework and home chores by stowing away in the Library overnight and, were caught up in a magical quest to find their way home, having been ‘sucked’ into several short listed books.  Junior school staff joined in the quest with the girls learning that books can be an escape, an adventure and a source of learning and wonder – and that homework of reading for 20 minutes was really quite exciting after all.

Many students, teachers, and support staff joined in the spirit of Book Week by dressing up as a character from a book, and classes engaged in book related activities throughout the week, which included sharing their own favourite books with one-another.   

ELC students joined in the spirit of the CBCA Book Week by sending their Teddy Bears for a sleep over in the library. Teddies were collected on Monday afternoon, following a CBCA Book Week parade and a shared reading of the Early Childhood Book of the Year, Go Home Cheeky Animals”.

Teddies then travelled to the Junior School library where they enjoyed stories and a teddy bears’ picnic before selecting a book for their owner to borrow.  ELC students were provide with photographs of their Teddy’s ‘escape’ to the library, including a picture of their teddy reading the book that they bought home for their owner to read.

During Thursday’s ELC assembly, ELC staff, parents and students were also entertained by a performance of Nannie Loves and a reading of the Picture Book of the Year, Home in the Rain.

Junior school library staff wish to thank families for the efforts they made to make CBCA Book Week the success it has been. 

We encourage you to enjoy some of the Short listed books by way of our school subscription to Storybox library - Use name and password access can be obtained from your child’s class teacher, or via the school library blog page –    

Meanwhile, in the Senior School, The Cheshire Cat grinned at Tybalt and Little Red Riding Hood under a clear blue sky.  Miss Havisham sold sausage sandwiches to Dorothy and Scarecrow and the crowd eagerly awaited The Book Parade!

The breadth and depth of reading tastes in the Senior School were apparent as students selected characters from a wide variety of genres including Manga and web-based series. Many students crafted their own costumes and the judges were very impressed by the creativity, commitment and technical skills of the participants.

In addition to celebrating Book Week, the parade and market day are the chief fundraising activity by the Write a Book in a Day (WABIAD) teams in support of The Kids’ Cancer Project. 

Costume winners in the Senior School were:

  • Individual student: Joint-winners, Sarah Jeacocke as Ciel Phantomhive (from Japanese manga inspired TV series Black Butler) and Karissa Nicholson who was very convincing as the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland
  • Group: From Homestuck, Charlotte Ashe as Dave Strider, Lara Oldfield as Sollux Captor, Shannon McAllister as Kanaya Maryam and Isabel Roberts as Rose Lalonde.
  • Staff: Mr Paul Maullin as Snape from Harry Potter

Article by Odette Holweg (Junior School Librarian) and Cate Willis (Senior School English Teacher)

Photo above: Some of our youngest members of the Junior School in costume for our annual Book Week celebrations.

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