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Posted 8 September 2017 10:03am

The Languages Faculty was thrilled with the dynamic participation of the school community in Languages Week 2017. Our Language Captains, Sarah Richardson (Year 12 Deakin) and Jordyn Fisher (Year 11 Kilburn), officially opened our celebration at assembly, with a multilingual student-created video.

Languages are an integral part of the graduate profile for our 21st Century global citizens and last week we had the chance to celebrate our languages programs with German cafes, Ikebana flower arranging, traditional Chinese, Japanese and Latin dress, Tai Chi in the quad, and a multicultural foodie fiesta and music on Market Day, with all proceeds going to Yalari.

Whether churros, croissants, pretzels, lebkuchen, onigiri, miso, dumplings, spring rolls or ‘nectar of the gods’ was the flavour favoured, everyone was catered for in our celebration of diversity. Bring on 2018!

Janelle Horsington
Head of Languages Faculty

Bon appétit – French students visit Le Très Bon

Also during Languages Week, the Year 11 French class set off to Le Très Bon restaurant in Bungendore. Once there, they were warmly greeted by chef and owner Christophe and Josephine Grégoire. During a lovely morning tea of hot chocolate and croissants, the students were treated to a spoken history of French food, looking at cookery books and being introduced to a host of possible, related careers.

Then the girls set to work following demonstrations and instructions in French, to produce chicken chasseur for the main course and floating islands for dessert. The reward lay in eating these delicious dishes for a leisurely lunch. We would like to extend our thanks to M. and Mme Grégoire for their hospitality, patience and maintaining this relationship with CGGS over the last decade.

Year 9 German also enjoy the universal language of food

As part of the recent units containing food, the Year 9 German class was recently treated to a cafe style lesson. They were to order in the language and once successful could sample some different types of sausage and cheese, along with bread rolls, sauerkraut and tomato sauce if wished.

For the sweet course, there was strudel or chocolate cake with cream. Also on offer was banana juice, a favourite in Germany alongside cherry juice, and sparkling water. Juice and sparkling water are also often drunk as a refreshing mix.

After weeks of language practice, the reward seemed worth the wait!

Rhiannon Richards
French and German Teacher

Photo above: Japanese students gather under the stunning cherry blossoms as they farewell Japanese exchange student, Sari.

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