Be positive – Safe School Committee Father Daughter Son Breakfast

Posted 7 September 2018 10:14am

The Safe Schools Committee has had a wonderful year so far and last week’s Father, Daughter, Son Breakfast was a highlight.

It has been fantastic to meet every second Wednesday at lunch with the girls to discuss issues that we, as members of the student body, have identified and seek to improve within our school community. That’s one of the wonderful things about the committee, being able to meet with girls who are from a variety of year levels, different houses and who engage in a diverse range co-curricular activities.

The committee’s unique perspectives and passion for continuing to develop our CGGS community has led to numerous events that have strengthened student’s personal development and wellbeing.

This year the committee has been particularly interested in mental health and examining the stresses and emotional journey that the youth experience throughout their school years. We began with visiting the Year 7s and welcoming them to the Senior School, helping to support them in their transition. We have continued to embrace and celebrate CGGS’s cultural diversity through Harmony Day which took place on 21 March. This was a wonderful day in which the girls worked hard on a bake stall, with Chinese cultural musicians and belly dancers performing in the quad.

The committee also has in-depth discussions about the challenges facing different year levels and has worked to identify ways in which to help reduce these problems. As well as organising this event the committee is looking forward to an exciting new venture. On 23 October, we will be having a breakfast book cover launch for author Lucy Marrett, who will be judging artwork created by girls from CGGS and selecting a piece to feature on the cover of her book. The book seeks to reduce the stigma around mental health by following the journey of a girl who overcomes her anxiety. The committee has decided that it would be lovely to have girls invite either or both of their parents to the breakfast launch, more information is available here.

Given the committee’s interest in raising awareness on mental health and interest in motivating and empowering the CGGS community, we were very excited to have guest speaker Lorin Nicholson at the Father Daughter Son breakfast. Lorin is a motivational speaker, award-winning musician and record-breaking cyclist. His speech on the pivotal role that dad’s play in their children’s lives was truly inspiring.

The members of the Safe School Committee are: Georgia Evans (Year 7 Burgmann), Lucy Piva (Year 7 Deakin), Lily Bilston (Year 8 Burgmann), Javeria Aamer (Year 8 Waverley), Annie Lloyd (Year 9 Burgmann), Emma Heldon (Year 9 Waverley), Tess Chung (Year 9 Burgmann), Alice Maxwell (Year 10 Kilburn), Annabelle Connery, Sophia Nikias (Year 10 Robertson), Izzy Shaw (Year 10 Glebe), Katherine Flint (Year 11 Robertson), Anna Khan (Year 11 Robertson), Yiping Yu (Year 11 Kilburn), Ellen Thurlow (Year 12 Glebe), Anne-Maree Ma (Year 12 Kilburn), Madeleine Pont (Year 12 Robertson), Charlotte Gee (Year 12 Kilburn), Rhea Laverock (Year 12 Robertson), Mrs Jeanette Widmer, Mrs Rachel Davidson, Mr Eric Roussel.

Jeanette Widmer
Director of Pastoral Care.

Photo above: Rachel Schroder and her father Neville, Director of Pastoral Care Jeanette Widmer with Chris Thurlow and his daughter, Safe School Captain Ellen Thurlow – taken at the Safe School Father Daughter Son Breakfast.

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