ATAR scaling information session

Posted 11 September 2020 10:10am

Each year we run a number of sessions to inform students and their parents about the calculation of the ATAR and explain ‘scaling’. This year’s session will be run slightly differently, but we encourage all current Year 10-12 students and their parents to register for this online session (students from lower years are also welcome to join).


  • Wednesday, 16 September at 4.00pm – information video and questionnaire uploaded to Agora
  • Thursday, 24 September at 4.00pm – response video with answers to any questions uploaded to Agora

Topics to be discussed in the ATAR Scaling Information Session video include:

  • The difference between a major and a minor
  • What it means to be studying a tertiary/accredited package
  • What an enrolment should look like at the beginning of Year 11 and Year 12
  • The role of AST
  • How an ATAR is calculated and what it ultimately means

More information regarding this session will be sent via Agora.

Tara Dunstall
Director (Studies)