Annie wraps after full-house performances

Posted 21 September 2017 4:01pm


For those of you that had the opportunity to see it, I’m sure you will agree, it was a huge success. This was not a normal school production. The standard of acting and singing was exceptionally high. There were certainly some standout performances and fingers crossed, they will be nominated for a CAT Award later in the year.

The sets were a standout and filled the stage beautifully. The costumes fit the era perfectly and the young musicians, led by Natalie Guile, did a superb job of carrying the audience into the world of our little orphan Annie.

Murphy is now officially having acting withdrawals and can’t understand why he is being left at home everyday now instead of joining his new friends.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped get this show up on its feet. It’s a mammoth task, but I’m sure you all agree, a worthwhile one.

Fiona Mahl
Drama Teacher and Director of Annie

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