An update from our Tiny House team

Posted 13 April 2018 12:31pm

Nine months ago a group of year 10 STEM students sat in class and brainstormed ideas for their major project to be developed in Semester 2 of 2017 and they came up with the radical idea of designing and constructing a fully functional Tiny House, much like the ones you see in US TV shows. Their rationale was that people are transient and housing is expensive, so why not explore models of housing that would allow greater access to affordable housing at the same time as looking at simpler and more sustainable living.

Still just a pipe dream, the class set to work exploring their concept and seeking input from the community about their design ideas. They met with architects, project managers, electricians, quantity surveyors, IT network specialists, builders and community groups who enthusiastically offered their expertise and encouragement to the girls in pursuing their vision for the project. With a now viable design, the team sought sponsorship from the community and through amazing donations of time, materials and expertise, the team is now ready for construction.

This Saturday the team, with the help of two builders who have volunteered their time, will start building the frame of their very own Tiny House. Each member of the team will gain first hand experience on a work site and in project managing the delivery of their final work. This is both an exciting moment for the team (who are now in Year 11) as they realise their vision and also for the school as we celebrate the capacity and determination to deliver a finished product long after grades were awarded and reports written.

We have a full program of works to happen throughout the holidays and welcome community members to follow the teams’ progress either in person or through our website:

Thanks for all your encouragement and support!

The CGGS Tiny House Team

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