ACT Cross Country Junior School results are in

Posted 4 June 2015 10:23am

The results are in for the South Weston Team who competed at ACT Cross Country last term.

The team: Sophie Bolton, Danielle Bradford, Sofia Christopherson, Kate Corcoran, Abbey Davis, Jacqueline Davis, Madison Duncan, Hannah English, Ava Farrah, Lizzie Foote, Georgina Hill, Lucy Hincksman, Max Juric, Jemima Kilmartin, Isabella Oloyede, Callum Peden, Reshmi Senanayake and Hannah Thurbon.

Results (students who placed in top 20):

8 years 
Max Juric - 4th 
Kate Corcoran - 14th

10 years
Abbey Davis - 6th
Jemima Kilmartin - 10th
Isabella Oloyede - 11th
Ava Farrah - 13th 

11 years
Lucy Hicksman - 1st  
Sofia Christopherson - 13th 

12 years 
Lizzie Foote - 11th

An amazing effort by all our students! Congratulations to all who competed—we are very proud of you. 

Amy Dwyer
PSPE Teacher, Junior School

PHOTO ABOVE: Lucy Hincksman.

PHOTO BELOW: Some of the team members. Back row, Lizzie Foote, Sofia Christopherson, Kate Corcoran, Callum Pedan. Second row, Hannah Thurbon. Third row, Ava Farrah, Bella Oloyede, Karlotta Sikatzis, Hannah English, Georgina Hill and Abbey Davis.