Academic success across the School

Posted 14 February 2020 12:52pm

The partnership between students, parents and teachers at Canberra Girls Grammar School is at the core of our teaching and learning values. Only through this collaboration do we see our students achieving their full potential. There are several measures we use to gauge what success looks like, some less tangible than others.

Our academic success in 2019 was incredibly strong.

From 11 of our Year 12 students earning an ATAR above 99 (the highest proportion in the last decade), to NAPLAN results which placed Junior School students as top performers in the ACT, our students’ results are clear evidence of the relationships we foster through collaboration.

“Our Junior School students and their teachers are to be congratulated on the incredibly strong results they achieved in NAPLAN 2019,” Director of Junior School, Mr Peter McDonald, said.

“Importantly, these results stand as a testament, and as a resounding acknowledgement, of students’ firm commitment, creativity and genuine desire to always do their best.

“While of course NAPLAN is a snapshot in time, our consistent Junior School outcomes reinforce our deeply held approach to continuous learning and personal growth for every student, in every lesson, every day.”

Manager of Academic Planning, Ms Amanda Johnson, said, “Our average NAPLAN score (across the five dimensions) for a student in each year group (3, 5, 7 or 9) is greater than the corresponding score in all of the usual comparison schools; with the one exception of Year 9, where our scores are equal.

“Moreover, if you look at the 270 relevant comparisons of a single year group on a single dimension, we are ahead on all but 17 comparisons. This gives us a win-rate of 94%.”

Well done to all the students on a fantastic effort and the teachers on your guidance and hard work.