IB PYP Curriculum

The IB PYP curriculum model has structured inquiry at the centre of learning and teaching. It seeks to develop students as inquirers who:

  • develop their natural curiosity
  • acquire the skills necessary to conduct inquiry and research and show independence in learning; and
  • actively enjoy learning which will be sustained throughout their lives.

An inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning builds upon individual understandings, knowledge and interests—emphasising how to delve deeper—while developing critical thinking skills.

Opportunities to develop skills are embedded in authentic learning experiences through the IB PYP Units of Inquiry. These skills; social, communication, thinking, research and self-management are valuable for any teaching and learning within the classroom, and in life outside the school.

Through the Learner Profile there is a focus on the development of personal attitudes towards people, the environment and learning, attitudes that contribute to the wellbeing of the individual and of the group.

The Six Transdiciplinary Themes of the IB PYP

The IB PYP is based on six transdiciplinary themes which are explored at each year level. They are:

  • how we express ourselves
  • where we are in place and time
  • sharing the planet
  • how we organise ourselves
  • how the world works; and
  • who we are.

Further information on the IB PYP Curriculum is available on the IB website.