IB PYP Assessment

Assessment is integral to all teaching and learning. The prime objective of assessment in the IB PYP is to provide feedback on the learning process. This "assessment for learning" or formative assessment helps learners to improve knowledge and understanding, to foster enthusiasm for learning, to engage in thoughtful reflection, to develop the capacity for self-assessment, and to recognise the criteria for success.

Summative assessment is the culmination of the teaching and learning process, and gives the students opportunities to demonstrate what has been learned.

Students are also provided with opportunities to learn how to assess their own work and to set goals for improvement. Peer assessment is used for formative assessment.

Assessment in the classroom includes:

  • using representative examples of students’ work or performance to provide information about student learning
  • collecting evidence of students’ understanding and thinking
  • engaging students in reflecting on their learning
  • students assessing work produced by themselves and by others
  • developing clear rubrics
  • identifying exemplar student work
  • keeping records of test/task results.

The "assessment for, of and as learning," are at the heart of the IB PYP. When students and teachers are engaged in continuous reflection about the learning process, assessment provides an authentic path for improvement.