P&F Awards

Each year the CGGS Parents & Friends Association receives nominations from parents, teachers and students to recognise the outstanding contribution made by members of the teaching staff and others who we are fortunate to have here at Canberra Girls Grammar School. We thank the community members who took the time to complete the many nominations we received this year.

The Parents and Friends Association Award for Teaching Excellence in Memory of Karen Harris

Karen Harris is remembered as a dedicated and committed teacher who was passionate about her profession and the difference she could make to the lives of students in her care. As a teacher she exemplified the qualities which this award recognises.

We are pleased and proud to announce the winners of these awards for 2018, and provide just a few of the reasons why they were selected:

Richard Bond (Junior School)

"Genuine belief and interest in his students"

“Maintains and interest in what they are passionate about and uses these insights to communicate effectively.”

“He celebrates their strengths particularly in their moments of weakness to pluck up courage.”

“He teaches health and wellbeing through boxing which the girls have wholly embraced.”

Amanda Johnson (Senior School)

“…not possible were it not for Ms Johnston’s untiring and contagious philosophy that all students are valuable and worth more than the mark they ultimately achieve.”

“...builds self-worth and motivation both of which are independent of immediate outcomes.”

“Her students’ high level of involvement in the Share the Dignity campaigns she helps organise is a testament to her ability to emphasize that learning extends beyond the classroom.”

Award for Outstanding Contribution to the School Community

Rebecca Turner (Alumni and Events Manager)

"Rebecca’s depth of understanding of a school environment is comprehensive and as a result, continually looks for ways to improve processes and shift paradigms. She embodies the spirit of ‘anything is possible’ and isn’t afraid to look for new and improved ways to do things".

"Her experience as a teacher brings great depth to her current non-teaching role within the school. It is rare to find an administrator with the level of understanding and respect for other areas that Rebecca demonstrates."

Our congratulations to the winners on behalf of the whole community here at Canberra Girls Grammar School

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