P&F Small Grants

2017 Library

Photo above: New magazine racks in the Senior School Library which were funded through the P&F Small Grants initiative.

The CGGS Parents and Friends Association (P&F) offers small grants of up to $15,000 to further its objective of supporting opportunities for parents to be involved in the school community. Any group associated with the School may apply for a grant.

In 2017, grants exceeding $20,000 have been awarded and we are delighted to announce the following recipients:

  • English Faculty - a grant to support the Empathy and Imagination Symposium: The Power of Storytelling seminar. 
  • Senior School Library - a grant to support the Libary’s new magazine racks
  • Music Faculty - a grant to support the Junior School timpani drums and grand piano initiative, proudly in conjunction with Friends of Music
  • PDHPE Faculty - a grant to fund new resuscitation equipment
  • Pastoral Care - a grant to support the ‘Chill Pill’ initiative
  • Sailing - a grant to purchase a new sailing boat
Piano and timpani
Photo above: Vikki Templeman (Friends of Music) and Wendy Craig (P&F and Friends of Music) with the Junior School's grand piano and timpani.