Remote Access

The School provides comprehensive access to Information Technology (IT) resources on CGGSNet. All staff and students Year 5 and above are provided with an individual logon account that ensures they can securely access CGGSNet services. 

All remote access is authenticated and secure so that the School and individual accounts are protected.


Accessing your email only

Staff and students can access their mailbox by clicking here

In order to make use of Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS) Mail, you will need to enter your cggs\ usernumber to login. Make sure to include cggs\ before your usernumber.

You will also need to be using Internet Explorer 6 or later. Later versions of Internet Explorer support 128-bit security and are freely available. If you have an earlier version browser you should think about upgrading it.

Accessing your full desktop 

You can access the network at CGGS using Remote Desktop. This option will give you access to your emails as well as your document folders.

When you use Remote Desktop you are running programs on the CGGS network not your local machine. You are simply looking at your session through a window to a session on the network - so you can run programs that you don't have on your local computer.

If you have Windows XP or later as your operating system on your computer, you already have all the software you need for Remote Desktop access to the CGGS network.

Link here to information about how to access the CGGS network using Remote Desktop