How to apply

  1. All applications must be prefaced by a CGGS Job Application cover sheet, except if you are submitting your application electronically. In this case, please make sure all of the information captured on the CGGS Job Application cover sheet is provided in your application.
  2. Applications should not be more than eight A4 pages, double-sided or 15 A4 pages single-sided.
  3. Applications must be provided unbound on loose leaf paper. Please do not use any staples, display books or folders to enclose your application.
  4. Applications should have a covering letter which includes a statement in support of your candidacy. In this letter you need to provide us with enough information to determine whether you are likely to be able to successfully fulfil the duties of the position.
  5. Applications also need to include current curriculum vitae (CV) which includes the following information:
    • personal details
    • qualifications (please include the date of each qualification and the name of the institution awarding it)
    • current position
    • employment history (beginning with most recent position)
    • membership of professional associations
    • recent professional development (including professional reading)
    • extracurricular involvement or interests; and
    • names, positions and contact details for two to three referees.
  6. For most positions, the School does not provide selection criteria. We recommend that you use the position advertisement together with the duty statement to ensure your application demonstrates your ability to fill the role.
  7. You may include written references with your application. Please tell us if you do not wish us to contact your referees without contacting you first.
  8. Applications will be treated with the strictest confidence and handled according to relevant privacy requirements.
  9. Acknowledgement of receipt of applications will be via email only, provided a contact email address has been given.
  10. CGGS regrets that applications cannot be returned. Please do not include original documents you wish to retain.