To our students, on International Women’s Day

Posted 8 March 2019 10:00am

Happy International Women’s Day!

In 2019, the United Nation’s theme for International Women’s Day is Think Equal. Build Smart. Innovate for Change. The organisation is encouraging all girls and women to investigate how innovation can remove the barriers to gender equality.

As the United Nations (UN) states:
From mobile banking to artificial intelligence and the internet of things, it is vital that the ideas of girls and women shape our future societies.

In summary, we need to continue to maintain our focus and be a voice and a defender of rights for females all over the world. Additionally, we need to drive and design the solution.

Begin with your friends and family and regardless of gender, treat every person with respect and care. Be kind to yourself, tread lightly and be kind to others.

I hope you have an opportunity to pause and wish each other Happy IWD. Find time today to discuss how you might be able to intelligently move the imbalance of access to opportunities and remove barriers to gender equality.

With kind regards
Mrs Owen