From the Principal - reflection

Posted 15 February 2019 11:44am

This week, as I walked around the Senior School during lunchtimes, or earlier in the day in the Junior School, and watched so many students sitting, playing and interacting, I reflected on the purpose of social time in the school day. Unstructured activity, outside, with multiple year groups, playing music, sharing stories and experiences, and in some instances their lunch. This is a great school with an extraordinary story and a proud past. We, as the current community members, now turn our attention to finding our place in the 21st century; being respectful of past and looking eagerly for opportunities for the future. The students in our School will be the adults who lead, influence, create and share their food and wisdom in the future.

My first weeks at Canberra Girls Grammar School have been focussed on finding opportunities to meet and have deeper conversations with the girls and young boys, the families and the staff and the community. Girls Grammar is held in high regard and is a very well respected community within the diverse and unique region of Canberra and the ACT. This sentiment is best captured by an email I received at the beginning of the week

I can honestly say that they were some of the best years of my life filled with memories that I will treasure forever and friendships that I still have to this very day. I was very passionate and proud of the school when I attended it and my desire to see the school flourish in the future is something that will always be within me. I very much look forward to this new chapter in the school and wish you all the very best.

In closing, I hope those students across the Junior and Senior School who have been on camps this week, or involved in our Signature Programs have a restful and restorative weekend, enjoy their co-curricular activities, and hurry to school next Monday morning as there is much in store.

Anna Owen