Chapel of the Annunciation

PHOTO: The Chapel of the Annunciation

The importance of the Chapel in the life of the School

Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS) is a Christian community which upholds the values, traditions and teachings of the Anglican Church. We believe in nurturing and developing the whole person, with spirituality being an integral part of each individual. We welcome students from all faith backgrounds and seek to foster an inclusive spiritual environment where each student is valued as a unique individual and encouraged to discover their true self.

The significance and range of Chapel services for students in the ELC, Junior School and Senior School

The Chapel of the Annunciation is our centre of worship, encouragement, learning and faith exploration. Chapel services provide an opportunity for people to celebrate faith and fellowship.

During any given week, there are a range of Chapel services for students, staff and the School community. Students engage in the planning and running of Chapel services, taking on a leadership role in this process through Serving Teams and Tutor Groups in the Senior School and the Chapel Service Committee in the Junior School.

In the Senior School, our Prayer and Meditation Room is open for the use of students every lunchtime.

School Chapel Services

Junior School

 Pre-Prep to Year 2 Friday at 11.35am 
 Years 3 to 6 Friday at 12.30pm

Senior School

House Services At 8.50am 
Deakin Monday (Day 1)
Burgmann Thursday (Day 4)
Glebe Friday (Day 5)
Robertson Monday (Day 6)
Waverley Tuesday (Day 7)
Kilburn Friday (Day 10)
Holy Communion Services Once every term for each House

Family and Friends' Chapel Services

Family and Friends' Chapel Services are for the School and wider community.

Dates for 2019 as follows:

Term 1 – Evensong for St Gabriel Sunday, 24 March, 6.00 pm

Term 2 - Founders Day Holy Communion Saturday, May 4, 10.00 am

Term 4 - Family & Friends' Carol Service Sunday, 1 December, 6.00pm

Other Aspects

The Chaplains guide the spiritual and liturgical life of the School and provide pastoral care and support to the whole school community.

Please direct inquiries regarding Baptism, Confirmation, Weddings and Funerals to the Chaplains.

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